Airports Regulation

Gatwick is regulated under an Economic Regulation Licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Since April 2014, Gatwick Airport Limited has been licensed by the CAA to operate under a new Commitments Framework where Gatwick’s service levels and charges are agreed with its airline customers in a set of “Commitments” which are then endorsed by the CAA. These Commitments determine what Gatwick can charge its airline customers for providing services and also establishes quality standards for certain services to passengers and airlines. Every month GAL publishes a report on how it is performing  against this set of standards.

As part of the new Commitments Framework the CAA gave GATCOM’s Passenger Advisory Group (PAG) a formal role in the airport’s consultation processes to input the passengers’ perspective in the development of the Gatwick Capital Investment Plan and resilience planning for the airport. The PAG reports its contributions to this process to the quarterly meetings of GATCOM.