Membership and Code of Conduct

Gatwick terminal check-in area 1958Membership and presence at meetings

The members of the committee are drawn from three broad groups:

  • Users: travel and tourism industry, aviation industry including airlines, passengers
  • Local authorities: all those whose boundary abuts Gatwick Airport or the M23 spur road
  • Local interest groups: groups representing local people affected by the airport’s operations including environmental and noise groups, business and economic groups and employees

All member organisations commit to providing the most senior person available with the required knowledge to represent them at GATCOM.

All members commit to working on GATCOM business between meetings and giving timely responses to requests for comments and feedback between committee meetings.

GATCOM Membership


Mr Tom Crowley

Tom Crowley was appointed as the independent chairman of the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee in September 2018 and took up his position upon the retirement of the former chair, John Godfrey, at the end of the year. Until April 2018 Tom was Chief Executive of Horsham District Council, a role he held for thirteen years.

Tom has over forty years’ experience in Local Government the bulk of which time was spent with district councils in West Sussex and Surrey. A Chartered Town Planner by profession Tom has substantial experience of working to balance the conflicting demands and expectations of individuals and organisations in relation to the social, environmental and economic impacts of development. He has worked closely with local communities and their elected representatives and, having lived and worked in the area since 1980, has personal experience of the importance of the airport, including the contribution it makes to the local economy as well as its less desirable effects.

Married with two grown up sons, Tom lives in Horsham and, in his spare time, likes to read, watch films, attempt home improvements and keep fit through swimming, cycling and going to the gym.

The appointment of Tom Crowley was announced in September 2018 – click here to see press release.

 Committee Members

East Sussex County Council
Cllr Bob Bowdler

(Cllr Philip Lunn – substitute)

Surrey County Council

Cllr Helyn Clack  – also GATCOM Vice-Chair

(Cllr Matt Furniss – substitute)

West Sussex County Council

Cllr Steve Waight

(Cllr Katie Nagel – substitute)

Kent County Council

Cllr Margot McArthur

(Cllr David Brazier – substitute)

Crawley Borough Council

Cllr Bob Noyce

(Any other Crawley BC Cabinet Member – substitute)

Tandridge District Council

Cllr Richard Smith

(Cllr Taylor O’Driscoll– substitute)

Horsham District Council

Cllr Liz Kitchen

(TBA- substitute)

Mid Sussex District Council

Julie Mockford

(Christopher Phillips – substitute)

Mole Valley District Council

Cllr Rosemary Hobbs

(Cllr Margaret Cooksey – substitute)

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council

Cllr Richard Biggs

(Cllr Victoria Chester – substitute)

 Rusper Parish Council

Cllr. Malcolm Fillmore

(Fenella Maitland-Smith– substitute)

Horley Town Council

Cllr. Mike George

(Cllr. Jordan Beech – substitute)

Burstow Parish Council

Alan Jones

(Cllr. Eddie Lord)

Charlwood Parish Council

Cllr Lisa Scott

(Cllr. Carolyn Evans – substitute)

Gatwick Airline Operators Committee

Hugh McConnellogue

(Jo Rettie- substitute)

Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Ana Christie

(TBA – substitute)


Angie Hills

(Luke Petherbridge – substitute)

Gatwick Diamond Business

Brett North

(Sally Brown – substitute)

Airlines UK

Chris Carter

(Rory Lillington – substitute)

Environmental Groups

(represented by the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign)

Ed Winter

(Peter Barclay – substitute)

Which? Member

Chris Larkman

(TBA – substitute)


Colin Stewart

(TBA – substitute)

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Stephen Jones

(Stuart Pick – substitute)

Passenger Representative

Samantha Williams – Chair of Passenger Advisory Group (PAG)

(Claire Booth – Vice-Chair of PAG – substitute)

Tourism South-East

Fran Downton

(Mark Smith – substitute)

Coast to Capital Local Economic Partnership

Tony Middleton

(Julie Kapsalis– substitute)

Trades Union Congress Southern and Eastern Regional Council

Dominic Rothwell

(Claire Simpson – substitute)

Gatwick Noise Management Board  (NMB)

Jonathan Drew – Chair of NMB Executive

(Warren Morgan – substitute – Chair of  NMB Communities Forum)

Advisers to the Committee

Honorary Secretary

Tony Kershaw

GATCOM Secretariat

Monique Smart

Technical Adviser

Graham Lake

Also present at some GATCOM Meetings

Department for Transport

Tim May

Ian Greene

Gatwick Airport Limited

Chief Executive Officer

Stewart Wingate

Head Airspace Strategy and Engagement

Andy Sinclair

Director of Corporate Affairs, Planning & Sustainability

Tim Norwood




Community Relations Manager

Robin Clarke

South Terminal upper forecourt

GATCOM Steering Group Membership


Tom Crowley

Environmental Groups

Ed Winter

Crawley Borough Council

Cllr Bob Noyce

Passenger Representative

Samantha Williams

Horsham District Council

Cllr Liz Kitchen

Mole Valley District Council

Cllr Rosemary Hobbs

Airlines UK

Chris Carter or Rory Lillington

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Cllr Richard Biggs

Tandridge District Council

Cllr Richard Smith

Mole Valley District Council

Cllr Rosemary Hobbs

West Sussex County Council

Cllr Steve Waight

Gatwick AOC

Hugh McConnellogue

Surrey County Council

Cllr Helyn Clack

Gatwick Diamond Business

Brett North

NaTMAG representative (GATCOM Lead Member for Noise)

Cllr Mike George

British Airways airplane

Passenger Advisory Group

GATCOM Members appointed to PAG annually:

GATCOM Chairman

Tom Crowley

Gatwick ACC

Ben Reed or Ross Kennedy

Surrey County Council

Cllr Helyn Clack

(GATCOM Vice-Chair)


Angie Hills

Which? Representative

Chris Larkman

Gatwick Airport Limited appoints independent passenger representatives following advertisement and interview:

Paul Audu Claire Vickers
Claire Booth (Vice-Chair) Gareth Thomas
Clive Brooks Nick Brooks
Wendy Dudley Tricia Barker
Samantha Williams (Chair) Sheila Plant
Mark Reddick Simon Leighton
David Sutcliffe VACANCY

World's largest bag drop

Gatwick Airport Limited’s Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (NATMAG)

GATCOM also appoints seven representatives to serve on Gatwick Airport Limited’s Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (NATMAG).

The following members are appointed for a term of two years:

  • Ed Winter (Environment Groups)
  • Cllr. Mike George (Horley Town Council) – Lead Member for Noise
  • Alan Jones (Burstow Parish Council) – Deputy Lead Member for Noise
  • Cllr Liz Kitchen (Horsham District Council)
  • Cllr Malcom Fillmore (Rusper Parish Council)
  • Cllr Victoria Chester (Reigate and Banstead Borough Council)

Airplane in flight

Member Code of Conduct

GATCOM has adopted the Code of Conduct set out in the Department for Transport’s Guidelines for Airport Consultative Committees:


Committee members should treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times.


Committee members should dedicate sufficient time to prepare for and attend meetings, including seeking advice and views from others in their organisation where appropriate.

Conflicts of Interest:

Members should identify and declare any conflicts of interest (actual, potential or perceived), particularly where members do not represent an organisation.


Members should participate fully in meetings. They should listen to what others have to say and keep an open mind while contributing constructively to discussions. Actions assigned to members should be fulfilled in a timely manner and progress reported back at the next meeting.

Openness and Accountability:

Members should be open and accountable to each other and the organisations and communities they represent about their work on the committee.


Members should respect the status of any confidential issues they discuss.
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