Constitution and Terms of Reference


GATCOM is an advisory body constituted by Gatwick Airport Limited in accordance with section 35(1) of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 (as amended by the Airports Act 1986) which states:-

“This section applies to any aerodrome which is designated for the purposes of this section by an Order made by the Secretary of State. The person having the management of any aerodrome to which this section applies shall provide:-

  • for users of the aerodrome,
  • for any local authority (or, if the persons having the management of the aerodrome is a local authority, any other local authority) in whose area the aerodrome or any part thereof is situated or whose area is in the neighbourhood of the aerodrome, and
  • for any other organisation representing the interests of persons concerned with the locality in which the aerodrome is situated,

adequate facilities for consultation with respect to any matter concerning the management or administration of the aerodrome which affects their interests”

Terms of Reference


By virtue of its constitution and membership GATCOM seeks to reach a common understanding between the various interests about the nature and operation of the airport so that issues can be resolved amicably. It is therefore the custom and practice of GATCOM to ensure that all views are properly reflected and, wherever possible, to work through consensus.

The Chair of GATCOM is independent and appointed by Gatwick Airport Limited in consultation with the Committee. The Vice-Chair is elected from within the body of GATCOM.

The current Chair is Tom Crowley and the Vice-Chair is Helyn Clack (Surrey County Council).

GATCOM meetings are open to the members of the press and media and the public to observe the proceedings. In the event of matters of commercial or operational confidentiality/sensitivity requiring the Committee’s attention, the Chair has the right to require the exclusion of the press, media and public without question from the Committee’s proceedings.

The meetings of the GATCOM Steering Group and the Passenger Advisory Group are only open to members of those Groups.

The terms of reference of GATCOM are:-

  1. To stimulate local interest in the airport.
  2. To foster communication and build understanding between the airport and its users, local residents and the business community.
  3. To consider and comment upon the impacts of the airport’s administration, operation and development in relation to:
    • The environment
    • Surface access issues associated with the airport
    • Employment
    • The local, regional and national economy
    • The circumstances of local communities and their residents
  4. To advise Gatwick Airport Limited on the preparation of sustainable development strategies and to help raise awareness of those strategies across all airport communities.
  5. To protect and enhance the interests of the users of the airport, with passenger related issues being considered through the appointment of a Passenger Advisory Group.
  6. To consider any matter referred to the Committee by Gatwick Airport Limited or any member of the Committee with the prior consent of the Chair.
  7. To consider and, if appropriate, comment upon any factual and consultative reports, from Governmental and other sources, that are material to the future character, operation and development of the airport.
  8. To nominate representatives of the Committee to serve its interests on Gatwick Airport Limited’s Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (NaTMAG), Gatwick’s Noise Management Board, and any other Group or outside body in respect of the work of the Consultative Committee.