How We Work

How does GATCOM work?

GATCOM is an independent statutory advisory body established in 1956. Even though it is purely an advisory body, it exercises a considerable degree of influence. Its effectiveness depends entirely upon its powers of persuasion and on the goodwill of all those involved.

It has 28 appointed representatives from a wide range of interests including local authorities, civil aviation, passenger, business, tourism and community and environmental groups. Representatives from the Department for Transport, NATS, and Gatwick’s Air Traffic Control are also present at the main Committee meetings, together with Gatwick Airport Limited’s Chief Executive Officer and his senior management team.

GATCOM meets four times a year and considers issues and questions in connection with the operation and development of Gatwick and its effect on local communities, passengers, airlines and other users of the airport.


GATCOM has two Sub-Groups:

GATCOM Steering Group

The Steering Group is composed of the Chair and Vice-Chair and ten other members of GATCOM reflecting the composition of interests of the main Committee. The role of the Steering Group is to give preliminary consideration to new or detailed matters to be dealt with by GATCOM and to identify the facts and major issues, and to make recommendations to GATCOM. The Steering Group also deals with urgent matters on behalf of GATCOM.
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Passenger Advisory Group (PAG)

The role of the Group is:

  • To monitor the procedures and facilities available to passengers and to make recommendations for their improvement
  • To identify any issues arising from passenger experiences and make recommendations
  • To identify any gaps in services available to passengers
  • To consider procedures for handling and responding to passenger complaints
  • To provide a passenger overview on airport developments at the design stage
  • To establish and maintain a positive working relationship with relevant Gatwick Airport Limited managers and airline contacts, including consultation in respect of key developments for passenger services and facilities
  • To report regularly to GATCOM and to make recommendations in respect of its conclusions and concerns about the provision of passenger facilities and service quality at Gatwick

For more details about the work of PAG go to “Our Work” page.

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For details of the membership of all these Sub-Groups go to the “Membership and Code of Conduct” page


GATCOM also has representatives on Gatwick Airport Limited’s Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (NaTMAG). The aims of NaTMAG are:

  • To oversee the operation of the Gatwick Airport Limited’s Flight Evaluation Unit’s system to ensure that the requirements of the local community are taken into account in respect of the production of statistics, information and complaint handling
  • To advise Gatwick Airport Limited on issues relating to noise and track monitoring which derive from the results obtained from the monitoring equipment
  • To assist Gatwick Airport Limited in seeking improvements to the noise climate and track-keeping performance around Gatwick
  • To provide information and recommendations regarding noise and track monitoring to the GATCOM via the GATCOM Steering Group.
  • NaTMAG reports can be found here

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Gatwick Noise Management Board

The Chair of GATCOM represents GATCOM on Gatwick’s Independent Noise Management Board (NMB).  The purpose of the NMB is to develop, agree, oversee and maintain a coordinated noise management vision and consequent strategies for Gatwick.  To find out more about the work of the NMB click here.


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GATCOM’s Lead Member for Noise, currently Mike George (Horely Town Council), represents GATCOM on the Department for Transport’s Aircraft Noise Management Advisory Committee (ANMAC).  The purpose of ANMAC is to advise the Government on policy relating to aircraft noise at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted – these airports are designated for noise amelioration purposes under section 78 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982.
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Gatwick Airport aerial image showing North Terminal airfield