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About Gatcom

The Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM) is constituted to meet the requirements of Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 for an airport “to provide adequate facilities for consultation with respect to any matter concerning the management or administration of the airport which affects the interests of users of the airport, local authorities and any other organisation representing the interests of persons concerned with the locality in which the airport is situated”.

Like all airports, Gatwick affects people’s lives in many different ways. On the one hand it offers a wide range of jobs and brings economic benefits and prosperity to the area. But on the other hand it can cause a number of problems and concerns to local communities, particularly on issues such as aircraft noise both in the air and on the ground, pollution, development demands, traffic and parking. Also, the traveller’s experience of the airport, as well as the needs of the airlines, are very important elements in the consideration of the airport’s future.

The purpose of GATCOM is to advise the Airport’s Chief Executive Officer and his management team about issues which concern the local communities, travellers, businesses and other users of the airport and to stimulate interest both within the airport community and local people. Seeking a balance between these wide and conflicting interests is a challenging role. Our primary objective is to ensure the future success of Gatwick providing high quality services to passengers and airlines, having particular regard to the impact this has on the surrounding communities and the environment.


GATCOM aims to:

  • Foster communication and build understanding between the airport and its users, local authorities and interest groups
  • Consider and comment upon the impacts of the airport’s administration, operation and development in relation to:
    • The environment
    • The passenger experience
    • Surface access issues associated with the airport
    • Employment
    • The local, regional and national economy
    • The circumstances of local communities and their residents.
  • Consider and, if appropriate, respond to any factual or consultative reports, from Governmental or other sources, which are material to the operation or development of the airport
  • Make suggestions to Gatwick Airport Limited where this might further the interests of those represented

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Operating principles

GATCOM members acknowledge that Gatwick Airport provides economic benefits but that these come at a cost to people’s quality of life and to the environment and these impacts must be mitigated.

GATCOM will act in accordance with the principles listed in the Department for Transport’s Guidelines for Airport Consultative Committees so that the Committee will be:

  • Independent
  • Representative
  • Knowledgeable
  • Transparent, and
  • Constructive

GATCOM not only facilitates an exchange of information but also considers strategic issues relating to the above areas and, wherever possible, to work through consensus or, where that is not possible, to agree on what needs to be addressed if a course of action is pursued by Gatwick Airport.
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