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Peter Hall, Chairman of Passenger Advisory GroupWelcome

Peter Hall,
Chair of Passenger Advisory Group

Welcome to the section of the GATCOM website concerning the work of the Passenger Advisory Group or PAG for short. I am the Chair of the PAG and together with my colleagues we ensure that the Group takes a leading role in protecting and enhancing the interests of passengers using Gatwick Airport.

We see ourselves as ‘critical friends’ of the airport providing both praise and criticism. The Passenger Advisory Group comprises 16 unpaid volunteers appointed by Gatwick Airport Limited after open recruitment and up to six members of GATCOM (currently five members of GATCOM serve on PAG – GATCOM Chair, GATCOM Vice-Chair, airline representative, ABTA, and a representative from the consumer group, Which?).

A wide range of passengers from business travellers to holidaymakers access Gatwick, but no matter what the reason for travel, the PAG recognises that the basic passenger interests are comfort, care, safety and security. It is these areas that the PAG scrutinises and prepares recommendations for improvements to the airport operator. As part of the Contracts and Commitments Framework, we, alongside Gatwick’s airlines, are consulted about Gatwick’s Capital Investment Plan.

The PAG members have elected me as their Chair until December 2019. You can read about our work in the summary of our activities that I present to each meeting of GATCOM – see the agendas for GATCOM meetings which can be found on our “Agendas and Minutes” page.


PAG’s Work

The PAG forms part of the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM) and takes a keen interest in the comfort, care, safety and security of passengers using the airport. The Group makes recommendations to Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL) for improvements in these areas as well as reviewing feedback from passengers.

All members are committed to help make the airport a seamless, user-friendly and relaxed experience for passengers. It monitors services and facilities at the airport and acts as a critical friend to GAL.

GAL takes responsibility for customer service at every stage of the airport journey very seriously and strives to achieve its passenger commitments.  Full details of Gatwick’s passenger commitments are available on its website: passenger-_commitments_may14.pdf.

PAG is made up of a cross section of regular and occasional air travellers, and all bring some knowledge of, and a genuine interest in the way the airport’s services and facilities interface with passengers.  Members are also encouraged to work independently with the airport to build relationships with key managers and project leaders.

Members visit the airport several times a year, monitoring and assessing facilities in order to make recommendations. These visits include formal quarterly meetings with GAL.

GAL is a regulated business by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA undertakes regular in-depth reviews of GAL’s business and concluded in 2014 that PAG should have a formal consultative role in the development of the airport’s five year Capital Investment Programme (CIP). PAG is therefore now consulted alongside GAL’s airline customers for input on the overall five year CIP and separately on the major development projects through joint GAL/airline/PAG working groups.
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The Role of PAG

  • To monitor the procedures and facilities available to passengers and to make recommendations for their improvement.
  • To identify any issues arising from passenger experiences and make recommendations.
  • To identify any gaps in services available to passengers.
  • To consider procedures for handling and responding to passenger complaints.
  • To provide a formal response to Gatwick Airport Limited’s consultation on the development of the airport’s five year Capital Investment Programme (CIP) to give the passenger perspective.  This is a requirement of the CAA’s regulatory licence agreement with Gatwick Airport Limited.
  • To provide a passenger overview on airport developments at the design stage.
  • To establish and maintain a positive working relationship with relevant Gatwick Airport Limited managers and airline contacts, including consultation in respect of key developments for passenger services and facilities.
  • To report regularly to GATCOM and to make recommendations in respect of its conclusions and concerns about the provision of passenger facilities and service quality at Gatwick.

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Passenger Feedback Audit

The opportunity for PAG members to review the response of GAL and its business partners to passenger feedback is an important element of the PAG’s work. A quarterly audit undertaken by up to four PAG members helps to ensure that the airport’s response to passenger feedback is done in an appropriate and timely manner.

If a passenger is not happy with the response received from GAL, the passenger may refer the matter to GATCOM. Whilst GATCOM is not a passenger complaints resolution forum, the PAG Chair and members of PAG’s Passenger Communications Working Group may be asked by the Secretariat to review the handling of the response and whether there are any outstanding issues for GAL’s consideration.
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Passenger Complaints

If you experience poor service or problems at the airport passengers should make their complaint direct with the airport. Gatwick Airport Limited welcomes feedback from passengers and users, both good and bad, and publishes details of how to contact them on their website:

Customer Service Team
Gatwick Airport Limited
Destinations Place
Gatwick Airport
West Sussex

Or email them using the on-line feedback form:

Include all relevant information and give as much information as possible such as:

  • Your full contact details – including address, email and phone number
  • Full details of all passengers – including names and addresses
  • Your booking reference and travel dates
  • The flight number, departure and destination airports
  • Details of where the disruption occurred
  • Information about the length of delays
  • The names of any staff you spoke to

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