Welcome to the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee

Prior to the COVID pandemic, Gatwick Airport was the UK’s second largest airport handling around 46 million passengers a year.  GATCOM is acutely aware of the continuing significant impact the pandemic is having on the airport and the aviation sector with the ripple effect of the significant downturn in aviation activity being felt across the regional economy.  GATCOM believes the unique opportunity presented by the catastrophic effect of the pandemic on the aviation industry should, with the support of the Government, be used as a catalyst to develop and embed the necessary policies, technology and measures that will enable the industry to recover in a truly sustainable way, including meeting the challenge of climate change.  GATCOM has a key role in contributing to this work by acting as GAL’s critical friend. We comment on the company’s thinking and, where necessary, challenge what it and other agencies, in both the public and private sectors, are proposing. An airport the size of Gatwick brings huge benefits both nationally and locally – but like all airports, it causes a number of problems and concerns to local communities, particularly on issues such as aircraft noise both in the air and on the ground, pollution, development demands, traffic and parking. Our key purpose is to advise GAL about issues of concern and to stimulate interest both within the airport community and among local people.

We work positively and constructively with the airport management and have developed the right working relationship, with our views being taken seriously within the company, but also by other partners, including the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority. GATCOM meets quarterly and discusses a wide range of topics. You are welcome to attend our meetings to observe proceedings. You can find details of GATCOM’s work, its meeting papers and minutes and its membership on this website. If you’d like to get in touch, email us at secretary@gatcom.org.uk.

Best wishes

Tom Crowley 
Chairman, GATCOM

Next Meeting

The next meeting of GATCOM will take place on Thursday 20 January 2022 at 14:00. This meeting will be held virtually with members in remote attendance.  A limited number of places are available for members of the public to observe the virtual meeting on a first come, first serve basis.  To register your interest to observe the meeting please contact the GATCOM Secretariat by no later than close of business on 18 January 2022 secretary@gatcom.org.uk .


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